The Digital Campus

The Digital Campus

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Connecting in Lausanne

We had a fantastic turn out at the University of Lausanne for our biannual gathering. A total of 70 professionals from across Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and even France joined us on November 11, 2014.

A special shout out goes out to our hosts at the University of Lausanne who did an outstanding job setting us up at an excellent venue and keeping us alert with coffee, pastries, and a lovely risotto for lunch.

We hope that the setting helped you make new connections, both with people and ideas.

Find below the presentations and other resources shared that day for your reference.

Photos from the event

Patrick Power’s presentation on trends in the US (recorded a few days after at a similar event):

MStoner’s Social Media Report Template.



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Digital Campus Study Tour – Day 5

By Philipp Funk, online-manager at the school for health professions, at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW.

The day starts early at 8 am at the swissnex office with a hands-on-workshop entitled “Writing Short.”

David Harris writing shortThe workshop is held by David Harris, a former physicist, communication officer at Stanford University, writer for magazines such as Wired and now student of fine arts and freelance communication consultant. He seems to be a very interesting and competent person. I like his Australian accent. Continue Reading →

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Digital Campus Study Tour – Day 4

By Andrea Schweizer, Deputy Head of Communications, Berner Fachhochschule BFH

Day 4 took us back to UC Berkeley. At Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism Vicki Hammarstedt and Shaleece Haas awaited us for the Video storytelling workshop. It was a day packed with both theoretical inputs and practical training. Continue Reading →

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Digital Campus Study Tour – Day 3

Maximiliane Okonnek and Silvia Ortiz report on Day 3 of the Digital Campus Study Tour.

After visits to Berkeley and Stanford University we were headed towards Silicon Valley on day 3 of our study tour. swissnex San Francisco had organized visits at YouTube and LinkedIn, both companies with a strong impact on digital communication strategies of universities and other educational institutions.  Continue Reading →

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Digital Campus Study Tour – Day 2

By Olivia Poisson, Communications Officer, University of Basel and Jun Sarbach, PR Consultant, ETH Zurich. 

How to really engage your community

On the second day of our study we were invited to Stanford University where we met experienced social media managers of three different units. They openly shared their strategies, provided us with insights and gave us good advice. This is what we take home from Stanford: Continue Reading →

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Digital Campus Study Tour – Day 1

By Anne-Marie Schär, Web Editor and Social Media Manager, School of Business FHNW & Bernard Lechot, Community Manager, University of Neuchâtel

We love mythologies… Greek, Roman, or for some centuries, American. Particularly Californian. The Gold Rush, the Summer of Love in 1967 and … And the Silicon Valley success story! Hence it was interesting to start our Study Tour with the analysis of someone who, without breaking the myth, takes some distance from it. Continue Reading →

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Do You Know Your Users?

Starbucks knows exactly what you are going through when you order coffee

Starbucks knows exactly what you are going through when you order coffee

Imagine the following situation: a prospective student, let’s call her Eva Excitement, is in the midst of deciding which university to go to.

Your university is one of her top choices and she is browsing through your website to find the information she needs: Will she be able to study a semester abroad? Are you offering any advice on housing? When is the admission deadline? What does she need to hand in along with her application?

In an ideal world, your website would perfectly suit Eva’s needs, she would find all the information, and get even more excited about her studies. Of course, in the end she would decide to pick your university because her experience on your website strengthened her beliefs that you are the perfect fit.

But what if not? Well you are in luck, user experience mapping might be just what you need to make Eva choose your school. Continue Reading →